The Shifting Retail Markets for Equipment and Apparel

2017 Serious Golfer Shopping & Purchasing Habits


Investigate changes in the Retail Golf Market for equipment and apparel by conducting the seventh installment of this critical study (previously known as Retail Channel Segmentation). This comprehensive study analyzes the shopping and purchase patterns of serious golfers in various retail channels, including Sporting Goods Stores, Online Golf Retailers, Online Auctions, as well as the traditional Green Grass and Off Course Specialty channels.

This 2017 study places additional emphasis on the Online Channels, estimating:

  • The relative size of key channels by key product offerings
  • Channel shifting behavior by Serious Golfers, in golf and beyond
  • The impact of Amazon on traditional channels
  • Bankruptcy and closure of Golfsmith, where did the volume go?
  • Direct to consumer, attitudes and behavior

Specific products covered include: golf balls, irons, drivers, putters, golf footwear, golf gloves & golf apparel.


Over 2,500 Serious Golfers from Golf Datatech’s Database of Serious Golfers participated in the study via Golf Datatech’s secure servers. Everyone who participated will be entered into a random drawing for golf merchandise. Brand names of the incentives are not revealed to prevent response bias. The data is tabulated and written into a comprehensive analysis.


The results from the 2017 questions were trended against results from previous studies conducted in 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 & 2014 where appropriate, covering topics such as Shopping Frequency by Product Category, Attitudes & Purchase Habits of Pre-Owned Balls & Clubs, Attitudes about Retail Channels as well as Retail & Shopping Patterns by Product Category.  The comprehensive analysis also includes extensive cross tabs by: Handicap, Gender, Facility Played Most, Geographic Region, Alpha Consumers & Price Points, Online Shopping Habits and Opinions.

Reports now available.

Complete Report (Balls, Clubs, Shoes, Gloves and Apparel) – $5,000

Equipment Report (Balls, Clubs) – $4,000

Soft Goods Report (Shoes, Apparel, Gloves) – $3,500

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