Concept Statement

GK Golf has a new way to holistic method for becoming a better player, a product that can be used anytime, anywhere.

The foundation is the GK Smart Suit, a base layer garment worn under golf clothes that contains 18 sensors and monitors/analyzes various parts of your swing as you practice or play a round.

Data collected from the suit’s sensors will be analyzed and personalized instruction and recommendations will be downloaded directly to your smart phone

GK is teaming with some of the world’s leading golfers and coaches to provide the golfer with instruction, motivation, and inspiration via their program.

There are 5 skill modules available:

  • Off the Tee-Power and distance
  • Approach play-Full swing skills to hit the ball closer to the pin
  • Around the green-finesse shots from short range
  • Shot shaping-Ball flight
  • Putting-Improving precision and feel


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