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Over the past 14 weeks, the Golf Datatech Panel of Serious Golfers has participated in a series of research studies about the attitudes and perceptions of playing golf, purchasing golf equipment, their overall feelings of the Covid-19 pandemic and how it has been affecting them and their daily lives.

 Many of you have been asking us to share the results with you.
Below are some of the highlights from the study.

  • Generally speaking, respondents see the golf course as a safe place to spend time and get exercise, with 67% of Week 14 respondents indicating they feel totally safe and 29% feeling somewhat safe, playing golf with special safeguards in place, while only 1% does not feel that way.
  • However, these same respondents were slightly less enthusiastic about their safety about visiting an Off Course Golf Specialty store with 83% indicating they feel at least somewhat safe (38% feeling totally safe).

Compared to last year, do you believe you will be spending
more, less, or the same, on each of the following?