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Thanks so much for your ongoing support of Golf Datatech’s research for the Golf Industry.  Input from you and your fellow Serious Golfers provides insights that help the Manufacturers, Retailers and Golf Professionals better manage their businesses, to provide you the Golfer, with products to meet your needs and desires.

During these difficult times, as the golf business literally fights for survival battling against Covid-19 and the impacts on the economy, these surveys are indispensable in trying to understand how Serious Golfers like you see the world so the Industry can be prepared to meet your needs when we’re on the other side and we’re all back to playing golf.

News about Covid-19 and the pandemic changes daily, we are continuing to reach out to the Panel of Serious Golfers throughout the weeks to continue to understand the impact this crisis is having on the golf community.

Many of you have asked for the results of this research, if you are interested please feel free to download highlights by clicking the link below.

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Thanks again for all you do for the golf industry!

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