Weather Dictates June Apparel “Winners”

The June retail sales figures are now out for Golf Apparel and we see that 5 of the 8 apparel categories actually had higher sales in June 2022 than in ’21.  What’s more, every segment was substantially higher than in 2019 – pre pandemic.

The largest category of Golf Apparel is Shirts, and sales were only slightly lower than prior year but still elevated in double digits vs. 2019.

The big “winners” in June 2022 were Tops and Outerwear, categories normally associated with less-than-ideal weather conditions.

US June 2022 Total Retail Apparel Market

On-Off Course June ’22 vs ’21: Dollars +2.7%
On-Off Course June ’22 vs ’19: Dollars +47.9%

On-Off Course YTD ’22 vs ’21: Dollars +4.3%
On-Off Course YTD ’22 vs ’19: Dollars +42.9%



Good Winds for May Apparel Sales

US May 2022 Total Apparel Market

On-Off Course May ’22 vs ’21: Dollars +4.9%
On-Off Course May ’22 vs ’19: Dollars +14.0%

On-Off Course YTD ’22 vs ’21: Dollars +3.8%
On-Off Course YTD ’22 vs ’19: Dollars +21.6%


Six of eight apparel categories went up in May of 2022 vs. 2021, up 4.9% for the month

On a YTD basis, total apparel sales in dollars were up 3.8%, with growth in all eight categories

Compared to 2019 levels, May of 2022 was up 14.0% and YTD was up 21.6%

Men’s Tops and Outerwear were both up the most for the month of May, improving by 17.9% and 11.3% in dollars. Both of these categories are weather sensitive, and sales increases are often the result of less than ideal weather


More Good News for Golf Apparel

The total US Golf Apparel retail sales numbers are published this week with confirmation that they are up for the third consecutive month. Sales have increased in 21 of 22 months since the shutdown months in the early stages of the pandemic, with the only decline coming in January of 2022.

Total sales were over $150 million for the month, only the second time total sales have eclipsed that mark.  The only prior $150+ million month was June of ’21.

Total US Golf Apparel Market

On-Off Course April ’22 vs. ’21:  Dollars +6.5%

On-Off Course YTD thru April ’22 vs. ’21:  Dollars +5.0%

Strong Signs for Apparel this Month

The retail sell thru data is now out for the U.S. Apparel category and, despite slow sales for equipment, apparel seems to be faring well with total golf apparel sales for the month of March up 5.3%.  Interestingly, both Green Grass and Off Course sales have improved by similar amounts.

March 2022 Apparel Sales Summary

  1. Men’s shirts, which are the largest single apparel category, were up 4% for the month and YTD. While units have declined, Average Selling Prices on men’s shirts are up 10% YTD and are at all-time highs.
  2. YTD Average Selling Prices are up mid to high single digits across most apparel categories
  3. Inventories remain very tight in several product categories, in particular in men’s shirts, where inventories are 8% below last year and 28% below 2019 levels.

On the latest results, Golf Datatech co-founder, John Krzynowek commented:  “Contrary to equipment, which hit a rough patch with slowing sales, apparel sales remained brisk even with limited availability of some key products, such as men’s shirts. Demand seems robust but, so far, the major brands continue to chase supply.  Whether it is raw material issues, manufacturing/Covid outbreaks or shipping, the apparel category is succeeding thru Q1 of 2022 despite itself.  Limited supply results in higher prices, which may impact demand down the road, but for the moment the category continues to grow.”


Apparel Retail Sales Update for October

After a slow start in 2021, retail sell thru of golf apparel has been on a tear for the rest of the year.  All 7 categories of golf apparel have enjoyed significant expansion vs. 2020, led by the largest product category, men’s shirts, up 44%.

On a YTD basis, total golf apparel sales are now at an all-time high thru the first 10 months of the year, 4% above 2017, which was the prior highest sales thru October.

Golf Datatech’s co-founder, John Kryznowek commented, “After a rough 2020 due to the pandemic’s negative impact on sales, the golf apparel business bounced back with strong consumer demand driving On/Off Course retail to all-time highs this year.  All indications suggest there will be ongoing issues this fall into the winter and possibly even into next spring with sourcing for some products, but clearly golfers continue to purchase new golf apparel at astonishing rates.”

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