NEW TODAY! Purchasing Power of Women in Golf

Today, we are delighted to publish our latest study, “Purchasing Power of Women in Golf” which dives deep into the size of the women’s golf market, estimating it at more than $1.5 billion for combined golf equipment and golf apparel.  At that size, the women’s ‘Purchasing Power’ is larger than any single product category in golf equipment.

On top of estimating the size of the market (down to the product line level), the report also investigates the motivations for playing the game, as well as what women like and dislike about it. Some of the insights are exactly what you might expect while others are surprising. However, confirmation of how women feel will provide both equipment and apparel marketers, as well as golf course management, insights to better understand the points of view of this crucial market.

Some of the most impressive insights were provided directly from the women themselves: many writing paragraphs about their opinions on golf products designed for women (Hint:  Some are positive, but many are not complimentary).  The study is based on responses from over 1,400 Women Golfers in October of 2021, as the golf season was winding down in much of the country.

“Just because I’m a woman, it doesn’t mean I want pink, lavender, or baby blue. Respect that my preferences are as individual as my male counterparts, not a monolithic class of “women”. Sometimes I play from the other 4 tee boxes, not just the forward. I have the same golf goals as any other golfer.”

For more information on this fascinating and important study, click here  where a link to purchase is also available.