October Growth for Apparel Categories

October 2022 was a good month for golf apparel sales in the US

October was another good month for golf apparel: up over 8% on the month and 6% on a year to date basis.  The categories with the highest growth were Headwear (+18.5%), Men’s Tops (+15.0%) and Women’s Tops (+11.6%), while Men’s Shirts, which is the largest single category of golf apparel, was up over 7%.

On the latest sales figures, Golf Datatech co-founder John Krzynowek, said, “Both the Green Grass and Off Course specialty channels have had successful golf apparel seasons this year, with more and more golfer buying in person, and fewer purchasing online.  With more golfers walking thru and shopping in pro shops this year, sales have boomed. Inventories that were once very sparse or dated, have been replaced by current merchandise, improving selling prices and margins for Brick and Mortar outlets”.

The Golf Datatech Retail Market Share Reports covering US sales through the month of October and total 2022 for Bottoms Men, Bottoms Women, Headwear, Outerwear, Shirts Men, Shirts Women, Tops Men, Tops Women are now available by going to www.gdtreports.com. If you have questions about the reports or problems accessing or finding the data that you need please contact us at reports@golfdatatech.com and someone will respond to your request as soon as possible.