Putters Propel Growth in July Retail Sales

Equipment sales market update from Golf Datatech July 2023

This week, we released the retail sales figures for golf equipment in the United States with news that on- and off-course sales for the month of July were pretty much level when compared to 2022. Total retail sales were dead even for the month at $393 million, with five categories down and four up. US…

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Weather Dictates June Apparel ‘Winners’

Retail Sales Monthly update for golf apparel from golf datatech

The June retail sales figures are now out for Golf Apparel and we see that 5 of the 8 apparel categories actually had higher sales in June 2022 than in ’21.  What’s more, every segment was substantially higher than in 2019 – pre pandemic. The largest category of Golf Apparel is Shirts, and sales were…

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