The True Art of Custom Fitting

Every 2-3 years, Golf Datatech investigates and analyzes the ups and downs and ins and outs of the custom fitting world.  We primarily focus on golf clubs, but also address insights into the appetite of golfers for ball fitting.  As we release the new 2023 study, we are diving deep into how the category continues…

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Golf Equipment Quick Fire Questions

Golf Datatech Golf Apparel retail sale data

Based on June 2023 Retail Sales Data for Equipment Q:  Have Golf Equipment sales slowed down? A:  While Golf Equipment sales are off all-time high levels in May of 2023, it was still the third largest May in the history, trailing only 2021 and 2022, and this most recent month was 31% higher than 2019.…

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Good Moves for May’s Rounds Played Numbers

Rounds played continued to move higher in May of 2023 as most of the country was blessed with good golfing weather, certainly compared to the same month in 2022. On a YTD basis, rounds are up 5.5% vs. the first five months of 2022, and compared to pre-pandemic levels we’re over 15% ahead. Through May we aren’t…

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Season Caution for Golf Apparel

Golf Apparel had a strange month in April of 2023 with four out of eight apparel categories lower in sales than last year. Despite this, total Apparel sales were up 8% for the month on the strength of substantial growth in the largest product categories: with Men’s shirts up +16% and Headwear up +14%. By…

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Uncertain Success for April Equipment Sales

Retail sales numbers for US golf equipment for August 2023

Our retail sales monthly update is now out, taking data for equipment sales for the month of April. US April 2023 Total Equipment Sales (On-Off Course) On-Off Course April ’23 vs ’22: Dollars -1.0%On-Off Course April ’23 vs ’19: Dollars +34.8% On-Off Course YTD ’23 vs ’22: Dollars -4.0%On-Off Course YTD ’23 vs ’19: Dollars…

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Weather Dictates Play in March

The Golf Datatech Rounds Played report for March 2023 is now published

Our National Rounds Played report with results for March 2023 is now published, with year over year results for eight regions, all states and several metropolitan areas.  For March, total rounds were down 2.3%, while YTD they’re flat.  Continuing poor weather hampered rounds in the west, as rain, cold and wind plagued areas that are…

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Spring Bounce for Ball Sales

Equipment sales market update from Golf Datatech July 2023

The Golf Datatech Retail Market Update reports covering US sales through the month of March and total 2023 for Balls, Irons, Putters, Shoes, Wedges, Woods are now available. Total March 2023 Equipment Retail Sales (On-Off Course) On-Off Course March ’23 vs ’22: Dollars -3.0%On-Off Course March ’23 vs ’19: Dollars +29.5% On-Off Course YTD ’23…

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Golf Ball Rollback: Serious Golfers’ Opinion

Golf Datatech conducted a “snap” survey less than one week after the USGA/R&A announced their proposal for a “Model Local Rule” that would apply to “Elite Competition”, whereby it would reduce the overall distance a golf ball would travel off extremely high club head speeds.  The respondents to this survey come from Golf Datatech’s Database…

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Apparel sales up YTD on 2022

The Golf Datatech Retail Market Share Reports covering US sales through the month of February and total 2023 for Shirts Men, Shirts Women are now available. US February 2023 Total Market (On-Off Course) On-Off Course February ’23 vs ’22: Dollars +14.0%On-Off Course February ’23 vs ’19: Dollars +50.4% On-Off Course YTD ’23 vs ’22: Dollars…

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