Strong Numbers for July Rounds Played

Good weather combined with enthusiasm to play the game equated to a strong month this July.  Always one of the largest months of the year for rounds played, July 2022 did not disappoint, led by the Northern half of the country.  Rounds were up 9.6% in the Mid Atlantic, 8.0% in New England and 7.5% in the East North Central – all regions with a strong private course presence, and private course play nationally was up over 7% for July.

On a YTD basis, rounds still trail 2021 by 3.7%, but have closed the deficit for the second consecutive month.  Overall, the popularity and health of the game remains strong, up low double digits since 2019, the last full year without pandemic impact.


Rounds played +3.6% for the month of July, -3.7% YTD

Private courses +7.3% for July, Public access +2.7%