Weather Impact on February Rounds Played

The latest Golf Datatech National Rounds Played Report with results for February 2024 is now published.

The three-page report contains year over year results for eight regions, all states and several metropolitan areas. 

Despite being up +4.9% for February 2024, US rounds played remain down -5.4% YTD when compared to February 2023.

Warm weather across a lot of the northern tier allowed some of those markets to submit their rounds to us, when the courses are normally closed. However, that was offset by poor weather in two of the biggest winter golf markets, California and Florida.  

No one likes to start the year in a negative position, however, after a very difficult January, we were able to gain back some of rounds lost last month.  It’s also worth noting that the first two months account for only approximately 10% of total rounds for the year, so there is time to make up the deficit. 

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