World Golf Report


The Only Global Study of Golf Equipment and Apparel Sales

For golf companies conducting business globally, the World Golf Report provides detailed insights into the size of all relevant golf equipment and apparel markets around the world.

In 2013, golf’s leading independent research companies, U.S. based Golf Datatech and Japan’s YANO Research Institute, introduced the World Golf Report, a benchmark study designed to capture the true size and scope of the global golf retail market.

One of our most popular and important studies, the World Golf Report delivers an in-depth world summary based on geography, size and economic significance of the golf equipment and apparel markets, valued at almost $14 billion in 2021. What can we expect in 2023?


"The World Golf Report gives brands in depth insights into the relative size (units and value) of the various countries around the globe that sell golf products.  Any company that sells, or is considering selling, products around the world needs the data found here".

Phil Barnard, Partner


2023 World Golf Report

The sixth edition will be unveiled in early 2023 and will analyze all countries with a significant golf footprint.  Delivering unique insights into the global golf markets including topics such as unit sales estimates by country and product line, the report will also highlight countries with the most significant business growth, and declines, throughout the previous year.

  • 2023 Highlights and worldwide trends
  • Impact of inflation and currency changes on sales in US dollars
  • World market by market sales projections of golf equipment by product category
  • Worldwide apparel sales
  • Total retail golf expenditures
  • In-depth analysis of the top 10 world golf markets
  • Comparison of Japan, UK and US golf markets
  • Individual Japan, UK and US market analysis


Who is this Study For?

  • Any brand that sells in multiple markets
  • Consulting companies and investment houses following the golf business
  • Newer brands looking to expand beyond their home market

About our Research Partner


With its geographical network and an ever-increasing reach across Asian nations, the YANO Research Institute is now one of the most prominent consulting firms in Japan.  Since its conception in 1958, YANO has earned unmatched competence within B2B market research thanks to the company’s relationship with critical market players in sport.

When it comes to research, YANO has dominated the golf industry for decades, delivering market intelligence of highest quality to its clients.