Latest Study Highlights Golfer Satisfaction in Custom Fitting Category

Golf Datatech reveals latest study into the evolution of custom fitting golf equipment 2023

This week, we have published our ninth Custom Fitting of Golf Equipment study. The 2023 study is designed to provide a framework for understanding the evolution of golf equipment custom fitting for irons, drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and wedges. Also included is information on shafts, grips and golf balls.

  • How satisfied are golfers with the results of their custom fitting session?
  • What resources do they need to ensure the best outcome?

In this study, we use our research insights and industry knowledge to estimate the size of the custom fitting industry in the U.S. – data that cannot be found anywhere else – PLUS satisfaction levels down to retailer level by channel and leading individual retail brand.

If you’re in the business of selling golf equipment, either as a manufacturer or retailer, this exciting new study will help you to understand how golfers view the experience today, and their expectations for tomorrow.

For more information, table of contents, and to purchase our latest Custom Fitting of Golf Equipment study, visit our Consumer Insights page.