Season Caution for Golf Apparel

Golf Apparel had a strange month in April of 2023 with four out of eight apparel categories lower in sales than last year. Despite this, total Apparel sales were up 8% for the month on the strength of substantial growth in the largest product categories: with Men’s shirts up +16% and Headwear up +14%.

By contrast, many of the smaller categories were down, with men’s and women’s bottoms both down double digits. 

On the latest sales numbers for the Apparel category, Golf Datatech co-founder John Krzynowek said, “Golf Apparel continues to remain solidly ahead of 2022 levels, with sales improving by 10.5% on a YTD basis.  Trade inventories are up substantially in almost every product category, which is making some retailers a little nervous.

If retail sell thru continues to chug along at current levels, inventories will not be a problem.  But if sales slow, we may see significant discounting later this summer, particularly in the Green Grass shops, where inventories have expanded the most.”

US April 2023 Retail Total Apparel Market (On-Off Course)

On-Off Course April ’23 vs ’22: Dollars +8.0%
On-Off Course April ’23 vs ’19: Dollars +60.7%

On-Off Course YTD ’23 vs ’22: Dollars +10.5%
On-Off Course YTD ’23 vs ’19: Dollars +52.0%