Struggle for Off-Course Apparel Sales

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US May 2023 Retail Total Market for Apparel (On-Off Course)

On-Off Course May ’23 vs ’22: Dollars +7.7%
On-Off Course May ’23 vs ’19: Dollars +65.1%

On-Off Course YTD ’23 vs ’22: Dollars +9.8%
On-Off Course YTD ’23 vs ’19: Dollars +55.4%

During May, five of the eight apparel categories had increases while three were down vs. year ago levels on a YTD basis.

Tops and Outerwear sales continue to expand, while Men’s Shirts, the largest category by far, also continue to sell at a brisk pace, up double digits for both the month and YTD

Disparity between the off- and on-course speciality channels is evident this month, with the Green Grass up double digits and off-course down by low single digits. The off-course speciality channel is struggling because it is now being compared to highly elevated sales from 2021 and 2022 when the on-course accounts couldn’t get much product and online retail (which we include within the off-course) soared. 

We’ve seen online sales of apparel contract pretty sharply as golfers are now back on course, playing and buying shirts in the Pro Shop